Theurkauf Design & Planning specializes in municipal services including comprehensive, open space, and recreation planning; ordinance preparation; development plan evaluation; and park and facilities design.

Raised on a farm and educated under pioneer environmentalist Ian McHarg, company founder Edward A. Theurkauf champions land use and development patterns that first and foremost preserve the natural environment and countryside. In this spirit, Theurkauf Design & Planning advocates functional, sustainable, and harmonious practices that guide growth in response to the singular character of each local community and how it fits within the broader regional and natural context, to provide a necessary alternative to the banality and destructiveness of suburban sprawl.

Theurkauf Design & Planning offers its clients unique strengths in managing
the challenges and opportunities afforded by growth and change.

glyph Comprehensive understanding of natural systems and the dependent interconnections
of geology, hydrology, climate, soils, plants, animals, and people.

glyph Appreciation of the environmental and cultural basis of historical settlement patterns and how those patterns provide useful templates for contemporary development.

glyph Belief in the irreplaceable value of walking and bicycling between
and through communities, for physical health and to strengthen social connections
and environmental awareness.

glyph Awareness of the qualities that define a place, and the ability to use those qualities as the basis of planning and design.

glyph Capacity to integrate design at all scales, from regional context to construction
detailing to ensure that all levels inform and enrich one another.

glyph Hands on familiarity with the interests and lexicon of municipal advisors and departments, including engineering, historical, environmental, legal, and public works.

glyph Over 25 years experience in Landscape Architecture and Municipal Planning.




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